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The Miscellaneous Update!
June Update

 - Updated to 1.12
 - Improvements/optimizations to all systems
 - You can now view player's K/D with !stats
 - Offhand slot
   - Reorganized potions
   - All items are replaced into your offhand
   - Health Splash Potion no longer has a xp lock

 - Added 2 new items!
   - Speed II Potion 10p
   - Milk Splash Potion 8p

 - Removed the Axe slot
 - Renamed Sword slot to melee; which now contains axes
 - Moved the bow slot to the previous axe slot

 - Added Misc slot
   - Contains everything in the offhand slot except shields & totems
   - You cannot have the same item for both misc & offhand slots
   - The item in misc is given to you and not put in your offhand

 - Killstreaks
   - Killstreak 1 (Regen)
     - All regeneration levels have reduced by one

 - Kill Rewards
   - Bow and potion damage is now completely accurate
   - General improvements


 - GUI/Kitbuilder Improvements
   - GUI is faster and more optimized
   - You can now see how many points over 50 you are
   - Item cooldowns & durations are now displayed on items
   - Clicking a slot sign now checks the point value of your kit; meaning, your kits will no longer be reset if point values change
   - Selecting kit option for versus only appears while in the versus lobby

 - Spectator Mode
   - You now have to use "/trigger exit set 1" to exit spectator
   - Improved spectator mode restrictions in blocks

07 Jun 2017, 15:06 0 | 6

The Recon Update

January-Febuary Update


  • Custom kits | Make your own kit
  • GUI | It's a fancy GUI to manage your custom kits
  • Map | A new map to fight people on land, air and sea.

More features to come during this month!


10 Feb 2017, 03:58 0 | 12

General Overview

November-December Update


  • Bug/Exploit fixes
  • Dealing damage during killstreaks increases the killstreak duration
  • Shields regen duration increased and taking damage increases regen duration
  • Nerfed Knight, Warrior, Pumpkin, Alchemist & Dark Archer armor values
  • Chemist & Tank armor buffed slighly
  • Totem, Health Pot & Enderpearl's cooldown duration decreases by kills
  • Reaper gets haste when near low health enemys
  • Shadow completely revamped

More features to come during this month!



16 Dec 2016, 23:11 1 | 18

Halloween Update!

Archer Ability:

  • Hold shift for 4 seconds to shoot 50% faster. Once activating the ability you can unshift and walk around. Taking damage or sprinting will disable the ability.

Versus 3v3:

  • Bring friends into 3v3 to fight enemies and their friends!

Reaper Kit:

  • Frost Knight has been replaced with Reaper kit. Use Reaper to soak up damage and deal massive damage at the cost of being slow.

Demon Kit:

  • Rain down damage potions on your enemies with the Demon kit. Flying decreases your potion cooldown dramatically.

More features to come during this month!

12 Oct 2016, 01:34 0 | 2

What's the Balance Update?

Thanks for asking text I just typed! The balance update is not a single update but various mini updates dealing with balances and some bug fixes. There are still changes being made to some kits and many more are to come. Now that's out of the way, here are some changes:


v0.9.1 Changes:

  • Using a splash/lingering potion gives you slowness II for 1 second
  • Shadow's potion duration has been increased by 2 seconds
  • Caster's ender pearl impact damage as been decreased
  • Paladin's potion cooldown has been increased

v0.8.1 Changes:

  • Fisher has been renamed to Seeker.
  • Seeker now has a diamond sword and it's armor has been reduced
  • Stray now has one second of blindness duration on arrow

v0.7.1 Changes:

  • Archer's arrow has been decreased
  • Chemist's potion durations have been increased
  • Stray's arrow cooldown has been decreased
  • Shadow's speed has been replaced with resistance
  • Shadow's potion cooldown has been increased
  • Pumpkin's armor signicantly increased
  • Pumpkin now has a stone sword
  • Frost Knight's armor has been increased and has +2 armor toughness
  • Frost Knight's haste effect has been removed

v0.6 Changes:

  • Your xp record is on statistics now
  • Brawler's bone cooldown has been increased
  • Alchemist's armor has been increased
  • Alchemist's potion no longer heals him
  • Fire Pawn's sword now has a cooldown
  • Angel's potion cooldown has been increased

v0.5 Changes:

  • All lingering potions shrink at slower rate when you stand in it
  • Toxic Archer's arrow cooldown has been reverted back
  • Brawler's knockback bone cooldown has been decreased half a second
  • Stray's arrow cooldown is now a half a second slower
  • Frost Knight's potion amplifier has been decreased
  • Frost Knight receives haste II when throwing a potion
  • Frost Knight's potion cooldown has been increased
  • Falcon received +2 armor toughness

v0.4 Changes:

  • Frost Knight's potion effect has been buffed but duration decreased
  • Stray's arrow cooldown and effect duration have been increased
  • Shadow's potion cooldown has been decreased by a second
  • Angel's potion effect has been buffed
  • Anticheat can automatically deal with hackers in some instances
  • Gave people who still use 1.8 combat a friendly message

v0.3 Changes:

  • All archer arrow cooldowns have been decreased
  • All splash potions slowness nerf durations have been increased
  • Tank's slowness has been removed and has one armor less
  • Chemist's armor has been increased
  • Frost Knight's potion duration has increased and removed mining fatigue
  • Frost Knight is no longer resistant to mining fatigue
  • Fisher's armor has been increased

v0.3 Bug Fixes:

  • Added more changes to the change log that weren't mentioned
  • Fixed glided archer's camping in 1v1/2v2

v0.1-0.2 Changes:

  • Archer's armor has been buffed
  • Most kits with 8 armor have been increased
  • Brawler's ability cooldown has been increased but now does damage
  • Toxic Archer's arrow cooldown has been slighty decreased
  • Alchemist's potion does more damage
  • Paladin has a iron sword and his potion cooldown has been increased
  • Fire Pawn has a iron sword & has 6 seconds of fire resistance
  • Stray's arrow cooldown has been decreased
  • Frost Knight's potion cooldown has been decreased
  • Fisher gets more fish and more hugs
  • Glided Archer arrow cooldown has been decreased
  • Glided Archer has feather falling II boots
  • Berserker has a potion instead of a splash potion
  • Angel's armor has been increased & potion duration has increased
  • Shadow's potion causes a blindness area of effect

v0.1-0.2 Bug Fixes:

  • Tweaked Anticheat being too mean to legit players
  • Fixed signs with incorrect armor values
  • Fixed brawler bone duplication bug
  • Fixed players being stuck in blocks

If there any bugs you want us to fix or there is any balances you want then tell us here.

04 Sep 2016, 08:08 0 | 97