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The Cosmic Update!
August Update

 - Added so many new things!
 - Tons of balances!
 - Improvements to everything
 - Cosmetics!
   - Use tokens to get cosmetics
   - 5 different types cosmetics to get

 - Daily Challenges
   - Random challenges are given daily
   - Challenges reward tokens

 - Legend Rank
   - A new donator rank
   - Has unique cosmetics that are not unlockable with tokens
   - Comes with all Mystic rank's features

 - Added 2v2 Versus
   - You can now 2v2 people in versus
   - Teams are based on order of queue


 - Bows
   - A shot must be fully charged on hit to get the arrow back faster
   - 7s bow multiplier has been changed to 1x from 1.25x
   - 9s bow has been removed

 - Arrows
   - Stray Arrow 6p
   - Blindness Arrow 8p
   - Weakness Arrow 10p
     - Duration increased to 7s
   - Glided Arrow 14p
   - Harming Arrow 14p
     - Just applies the effect, no other additional damage
     - Shot doesn't have to be fully charged to get arrow back faster

 - Potions
   - Duel potion formula has changed
     - Halves the point cost of the lower-valued potion
   - Invisibility Potion
     - Armor is cleared on use
     - Armor is given back after duration ends
     - Kills reduce cooldown of potion by 2s
   - Lingering Potions
     - All lingering potions give slowness II to all players inside the cloud
     - Slowness on lingering potion effects all players

 - Misc Items
    - Enderpearl
       - 1s after throwing, player gains strength for 1s

 - Kill Rewards
    - Removed damage decay

 - GUI Changes
    - Cosemetic screen is now accessable
    - GUI is alot more optimized

 - Anticheat
    - Improved anticheat
    - Improved report system

 - Versus
    - Automatically selects a valid kit if one is not selected

11 Aug 2017, 22:00 2 | 18
The Miscellaneous Update!
June Update

 - Updated to 1.12
 - Improvements/optimizations to all systems
 - You can now view player's K/D with !stats
 - Offhand slot
   - Reorganized potions
   - All items are replaced into your offhand
   - Health Splash Potion no longer has a xp lock

 - Added 2 new items!
   - Speed II Potion 10p
   - Milk Splash Potion 8p

 - Removed the Axe slot
 - Renamed Sword slot to melee; which now contains axes
 - Moved the bow slot to the previous axe slot

 - Added Misc slot
   - Contains everything in the offhand slot except shields & totems
   - You cannot have the same item for both misc & offhand slots
   - The item in misc is given to you and not put in your offhand

 - Killstreaks
   - Killstreak 1 (Regen)
     - All regeneration levels have reduced by one

 - Kill Rewards
   - Bow and potion damage is now completely accurate
   - General improvements


 - GUI/Kitbuilder Improvements
   - GUI is faster and more optimized
   - You can now see how many points over 50 you are
   - Item cooldowns & durations are now displayed on items
   - Clicking a slot sign now checks the point value of your kit; meaning, your kits will no longer be reset if point values change
   - Selecting kit option for versus only appears while in the versus lobby

 - Spectator Mode
   - You now have to use "/trigger exit set 1" to exit spectator
   - Improved spectator mode restrictions in blocks

07 Jun 2017, 15:06 0 | 11

The Recon Update

January-Febuary Update


  • Custom kits | Make your own kit
  • GUI | It's a fancy GUI to manage your custom kits
  • Map | A new map to fight people on land, air and sea.

More features to come during this month!


10 Feb 2017, 03:58 0 | 13

General Overview

November-December Update


  • Bug/Exploit fixes
  • Dealing damage during killstreaks increases the killstreak duration
  • Shields regen duration increased and taking damage increases regen duration
  • Nerfed Knight, Warrior, Pumpkin, Alchemist & Dark Archer armor values
  • Chemist & Tank armor buffed slighly
  • Totem, Health Pot & Enderpearl's cooldown duration decreases by kills
  • Reaper gets haste when near low health enemys
  • Shadow completely revamped

More features to come during this month!



16 Dec 2016, 23:11 1 | 18

Halloween Update!

Archer Ability:

  • Hold shift for 4 seconds to shoot 50% faster. Once activating the ability you can unshift and walk around. Taking damage or sprinting will disable the ability.

Versus 3v3:

  • Bring friends into 3v3 to fight enemies and their friends!

Reaper Kit:

  • Frost Knight has been replaced with Reaper kit. Use Reaper to soak up damage and deal massive damage at the cost of being slow.

Demon Kit:

  • Rain down damage potions on your enemies with the Demon kit. Flying decreases your potion cooldown dramatically.

More features to come during this month!

12 Oct 2016, 01:34 0 | 4