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IGN: OjOrangeJuice
By OjOrangeJuice » 10 months ago
IGN: OjOrangeJuice
Reason of ban: "You are banned from this server"
Evidence:  ....
Why should you be unbanned: Yes, I got banned again, this time however there were no warnings, and I wasn't spamming, I just used caps and repeated characters in a sentence, you can check the logs on this. I was talking to Yo_Ima_Potato when I said ""DO I SMELL.... ANCHOVIES?!!"!"!"!"!"!!"!"!!"" something along those lines, it's not like it filled up the whole chat, It was just that, not that long to be honest. We've been through this before, obviously I love your server and like I've stated being banned for something like this would really upset me. I know that you can't mute people since it's a vanilla server but if you could go as far as if you aren't considering letting me get unbanned, at least just have me not talk in chat and if I do it's an automatic perm ban, I think that would be appropriate for my situation.

​Thank you for your time,



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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » 10 months ago
You have been pardoned.


Ban appeal format link