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IGN: 34486
By 34486 » 7 months ago
Ok, I log onto survival and Mcspanky tells me their community base greifed, ok, normal, but he tells me someone around the name of Itzz_dogvva, and that he said that around 8-9pm last night (9/21/18) apparently.
IGN: Altec991, possibly adobogrizz, and Mcspanky says his alt is Ozymandia. Getting confusing.
Date of me finding this stuff out: 9/22/2018, Mcspanky said that someone with a name close to Itzz_dogwa or something said he had used an exploit at around 8-9Pm on 9/21/2018.

I chat with mcspanky more and tell him to ask Ao to check logs, and then Altech991 logs in, no name history on namemc, so it must be an alt. I have a screnshot of what happen from there. That is if I can find a way to upload a screenshot..? lol

I hope imgur is allowed, so here: https://imgur.com/a/866x0hE

I never used imgur, so sorry if its like blocked or something idk!

Sorry if this is confusing, becuase I don't understand either. Maybe I can get mcspanky to post here and try to explain better than I can because I have no clue.

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IGN: AoElite
By AoElite » 7 months ago
I'll look into it.


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